Crimes Against Kurds


Continued from the Home Page: July, 2020.

Sweden urges Kurdistan and Iraqi government to solve the problems of the Kurdish disputed territories.

Katrin Mansson from the Swedish department for Middle East and North Africa Ministry for Foreign affairs told Crimes Against Kurds

"The Swedish Government closely follows the development of the situation in the disputed territories of Iraq. It is clear that the unresolved issues linked to the administration and security of the area continue to cause serious problems. In bilateral meetings for the population, including those groups who have not yet been able to return to their former homes after the liberation from Daesh with Iraqi counterparts, Swedish government representatives regularly discuss the status of the negotiations between the federal government of Iraq and the Kurdistan Regional Government and the situation of minority groups. Sweden encourages both sides to reach a comprehensive agreement on all outstanding issues, including the enactment of a 2020 budget law and the governance and security structures of Kirkuk and Sinjar. Sweden supports a role for the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) in facilitating such an agreement. The Swedish Government is concerned about the recent intensification of Turkish military operation in Northern Iraq. In the current fragile security environment, it is important that all parties abstain from actions that risk causing further destabilisation and that all countries act in accordance with international law with full respect for Iraq's sovereignty. Sweden has brought up the current developments within the EU."

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