Crimes Against Kurds

Various occurrences of violence, including those by fire starting militias with guns and those by Iraqi forces / Iranian backed militia that have been caught on camera since 16th October, 2017!
Haftaghar and Awayi Mansor villages, Southern Kirkuk, crop fire lit by militia, who shot the farmers, 7th June, 2019. Kirkuk, Iraqi forces arrest and assault citizens. Kirkuk, Iranian backed militia / Iraqi forces assault arrested Kurdish citizen.
Kirkuk, unknown forces deliberately trying to run over people caught on CCTV. Kirkuk, Shorja poor people abused by Iraqi forces trying to get kerosene for heat. Kirkuk, Iraqi forces assault Kurdish man for having Kurdish flag.
Iranian backed militia / Iraqi forces shoot protesters, shouting "Get out" and "Long live Kurdistan". Khanaqin, Iranian backed militia / Iraqi forces shot and killed a kurdish citizen. Sad video about a Peshmerga fighter, who has injured on 16th October, 2017 by Iranian backed militias!
Kirkuk, Iranian backed militia attacked a car, 1 person was burned to death and 3 others were injured, they were saved by Rudaw reporter Honar Ahmed, 16th October, 2017. Kirkuk, Iranian backed militia / Iraqi forces ambushed and killed Peshmerga. Iranian General, Qasem Soleimani, reportedly supervised this attack, 16th October, 2017. Iranian backed militia murdered the Kurdish Peshmerga who fought against ISIS in Zummar, Western Mosul, 21st October, 2017.