Crimes Against Kurds

Mixed collection of videos taken this year, 2019, ethnic cleansing, general abuse, arabization, harassment, attempted land seizer with unlawful paperwork from Saddam Hussein's regime, prevention of Kurdish cultural participation and negligence by Iraqi forces / Iranian backed militia done to implement demographic change using Article 140 of the Iraqi constitution!
Friday 6th December, 2019. Roadside bomb targeted a Kurdish policeman, Karwan Osman in Panja Ali, Kirkuk. This is ethnic cleansing since October 16th 2017 many Kurdish citizens have been targeted and it causes Kurdish families to move away. Khanaqin was invaded by Iraqi forces / Iranian-backed militias, since then many Kurdish citizens have left after getting harassed by the Iraqi forces or ISIS. Iraqi forces prevent grieving Kurdish family from visiting Anfal mass grave site with Kurdish flag, 29th July, 2019.
Arabic speaking militia use hate speech and verbally abuse Kurds in the Failaq district of Kirkuk, July, 2019. Daquq south of Kirkuk mortar shells were fired by unknown militias, 1 person killed and several injured, 24th July, 2019. Iranian army continues to bomb Kurdish villages, 11th July, 2019.
Iranian army bombed Bradost village, killing 18 year old Kurdish woman, Zaytoon Qadir, 10th July, 2017. Sinjar, a massive crop fire lit by militia, endangered Kocho and 3 other villages, 28th June, 2019! Kirkuk, two bombs exploded, 1 on a bus and 1 at the bus station near the castle, 1 killed and others injured, 27th June, 2019.
Kirkuk, a man wearing militia uniform places (IED) bomb, 30th May, 2019. Kirkuk, 6 bombs (IEDs) exploded, killing 2 people and injuring 38, 30th May, 2019. Arafa, Kirkuk, Iraqi forces destroyed 4 Kurdish homes in Kurdish neighbourhood, ordered 280 Kurdish families to leave.
Makhmur, 15 people were arrested protesting about ISIS fighter pockets abducting and killing civilians. Kirkuk, Iraqi Forces regularly drive opposite to the traffic flow. BBC News report about "The secretive Kaka'i religious minority fearing for their lives".