Crimes Against Kurds

Thousands of acres of wheat and barley have been destroyed by these farm and crop fires over the past few weeks and Kurdish people have been killed and injured protecting their crops and land. Just one of these crop fires can remove a small farmers entire income for a year, how are they meant to pay their bills and feed their families, on top of that they need seed to plant for next years crop, to which there is no guarantee of sufficient or good rain with added probems of rivers being dammed? In some of these fires even necessary farming equipment like tractors have been burnt!
Golim Kawa Village, near Shwan, Kirkuk another Kurdish crop fires, 13th June, 2019. Laylan, Kirkuk, yet another Kurdish crop fire, 12th June, 2019. Chaghmagha Village, near Dubiz, Kirkuk, another Kurdish crop fire, 10th June, 2019.
Koch Sianan Village, Kirkuk, Kurdish crop fire lit by armed militias, 6th June, 2019. Tarjal village, near Laylan, Kirkuk, burning fields of Kurdish farmers, 5th June, 2019. Yengaja Talabani village, Kirkuk, another crop fire, 4th June, 2019.
Haftaghar and Awayi Mansor villages, another crop fire on Kurdish fields,
31st May, 2019.
Palkana village, Kirkuk, distressed farmer is saying Arab farmers set fire to his crops, 31st May, 2019. Haftaghar village, Southern Kirkuk, anonymous armed group set fire to crops and villagers fought back, 29th May, 2019.
Yarimcha, Kirkuk, crop fire lit by anonymous group, 28th May, 2019. Haftaghar village, Southern Kirkuk, fields burnt by anonymous group, 25th May, 2019. Dubezni village, Northern Kirkuk, farm fires started by anonymous armed group,
24th May, 2019.