Crimes Against Kurds

The migration of Arab settlers into Kurdish areas by displacing the majority of Kurdish people, either through force, intimidation or through land and home theft and allowing the new incoming Arab influence to increase and pressure the remaining Kurds to adopt the new Arab language, culture and identity while being encouraged and intimidated to forsake and forget their own. Saddam Hussein and the Ba'ath party regime attempted arabising the Kurdish areas by (genocide) killing, displacing Kurds into concentration camps, theft and reallocation of land to Arabs, an unknown mass grave (just one of many) of Kurdish men, women and children has recently been discovered in southern Iraq and is currently being exhumed. However even today, with a democratic government in charge of Iraq, sadly, arabisation is still continuing!
Kurdish Mother and daughter tried entering Kirkuk with Kurdistan flag in her car but was stopped at a checkpoint on the Kirkuk and Sulimanya road, 15th July, 2019. Kirkuk a woman promoted former leader Saddam Hussein and his banned Baa'th Party during a demonstration organised by the current governor, 12th July, 2019. The Arab supporters of Kirkuk governor Rakan Saeed use a disabled person who has learning difficulties to say racist hateful speech against the Kurds, 12th July, 2019.
Palkana Village, Kirkuk, a distressed Kurdish lady that is crying because she was evicted and her family arrested. Palkana Village, Kirkuk, Rudaw News Report, 14th May, 2019. Palkana village, Kirkuk, About 200 Arabs arrived in 50 cars with Iraqi forces trying to take Kurdish land.
Kirkuk, buffaloes are allowed to roam and graze near the Governorate inside the city, 4th July, 2019. Tarjal village near Laylan, Kirkuk, Arabs arrived trying to sieze Kurdish land from the Kurdish farmers, 4th July, 2019. Laylan, Kirkuk, Arabs arrive trying to sieze Kurdish land from Kurdish farmers.
New governor is allowing Arab newcomers to graze and raise cows on Kirkuk university grounds. Iranian backed militia / Iraqi forces removed all Kurdish flags from Kurdish people celebrating Newroz Eve in Kirkuk. Qutan, Kirkuk, farmers not allowed to plow their own farmland.
Yangija, Kirkuk, ethnic cleansing, Arabs arrive to try siezing Kurdish land from Kurdish farmers. Kirkuk, beside Laylan Highway, a new development is being built specifically for Arabs to own and live. One of Saddam Hussein's, Ba'ath party regime, Anfal victim surviving Mother says....