Crimes Against Kurds

A collection of videos, describing and showing some of the events as the Iraqi forces / Iranian backed militia invaded on 16th October, 2017, 3 weeks after an independence referendum for Bashur, Iraqi Kurdistan, was held on 25th September, 2017, resulting in 92.73% of votes in favour of independence, with a turnout of 72.16% of registered voters. The invasion marked a major set-back in Kurdish hopes for an independent nation as the KRG has lost 40% of land under its jurisdiction and their main source of revenue, the Kirkuk oil fields. As a result, the KRG was now reliant on an annual budget from the central Iraqi government. The KRG, was also made to sign a handwritten pledge not to seek independence again as a precondition for the end of the conflict.
New York Times News report,
"Iraqi forces oust Kurds".
Iranian backed militia / Iraqi forces attack KDP with missiles. Iraqi forces remove Kurdish flag.
Iraqi Forces remove the Kurdish flag and raise the Iraqi flag. Dubiz, Iranian backed militia / Iraqi forces invade PDK offce. Iraqi Forces take down the Kurdish flag from the government building, in Kirkuk.
Iraqi Forces display true attitude towards Kurds, Kurdistan and the Kurdish flag. Tuz Khurmatu, Iranian backed militia / Iraqi forces blow up Kurdish homes and loot property. Kurds leave in large numbers as Iranian backed militia / Iraqi forces arrive, 16th October, 2017!
Al Jazeera News report,
"100,000 Kurds fled the Kirkuk region".
Iraqi forces seize Kirkuk in one day. In Prdi, American Abrams tank which had been used by Iranian backed Militia / Iraqi forces and abandoned after being destroyed by Peshmerga..
Rudaw News report, on the destruction of Tuz Khurmatu by Iranian backed militia / Iraqi forces during their invasion on 16th October, 2017. Haroon Rashid was Killed in the Kurdish city of Tuz Khurmato by Iranian backed militias / Iraqi Forces, 16th October, 2017. Minyar Bunjaq Haverki is 23 years old, he is a member of the Peshmerga. He fought ISIS, he was not wounded fighting ISIS but he was injured by Hashd al-Shaabi.